Orlando Haunted Houses

Are you looking for the best Orlando haunted houses?  We have got a list for you to choose from!

The Asylum: Ocoee

Haunted Houses Orlando

The Asylum, presented by Ocoee Lions Club. The Asylum is run by Sister Mary Dementia who used to run the asylum for years and after a horrible incident with a patient of the asylum she lost her faith, her mind, and eventually her soul. She now wanders the halls and grounds of the asylum looking for some peace from her madness. Sister Mary Dementia is just one of many poor souls that have lost their mind at the Asylum. We invite you to come out and meet her and our patients.

This haunted house is unique as it is in 100% darkness and all you have is a small flashlight to light your way through the halls of the Asylum. Are you brave enough to try it?

This year at The Asylum we will be offering a No Scare time from 7 to 7:30PM. During that timeframe we are a “lights on”, “no loud music”, “no flashing lights”, and “no jumping out at guest” time for those that want to experience the haunted house but may not be able to otherwise. This would be perfect for younger children, children (or adults) with autism or other sensory disorders, and/or those with physical, emotional, or mental disabilities. Our goal is to allow everyone to have a great Halloween season and help a local charity in the process.

The proceeds of this house go to the Ocoee Lions Foundation which is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.

Event Location Address: 108 Taylor St, Ocoee, FL

Dates: 10/24 – 10/26, 10/31

Hours of Operation: 7 – 7:30 PM – No Scare
7:30 – 10 PM – Full Scare

Admission Costs: $5 per person (all ages)

Payments Accepted: Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards

For more information: https://www.ocoeelionsclub.com/the-asylum

Panic on Plant Street: Winter Garden

Panic on Plant Street

Winter Garden Masonic Lodge # 165 is proud to present Panic On Plant Street Haunted House. This charity event is a high energy, interactive, theatrical, walk through haunt with a cast of over 35 talented actors who are prepared to show you a side of Halloween that you’ve never seen before! This event is not recommended for small children and there is a free, adult supervised childcare area available on site. It’s coming Winter Garden, Are you ready?

For more information: https://squareup.com/store/panic-on-plant-street

Face the Fear: Longwood

Face the Fear

The 2019 Face the Fear once again takes place in one of the most “haunted” locations in Florida – The Historic Longwood Village Inn. This old hotel is the stuff of legend and one of “those” places that everyone fears…

In 2019 experience…
Longwood’s Olde Stolen Treasure

Our story begins….
History’s most famous pirate Blackbeard (real name: Edward Teach) and his 40-gun flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, prowled the West Indies and the Atlantic coast of North America, preying on ships heading back to Spain laden with gold, silver and other treasures from Mexico and South America.

In late 1718, a British naval force led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard succeeded in killing Blackbeard. Before his death, Blackbeard claimed to have hidden his massive treasure, but he never told anyone its location.

Treasure hunters have been searching for it ever since.

History you probably don’t know…
During the Seminole Wars in Florida – Army troops moved through Central Florida anticipating an assault, and wanted to ensure that civilian residents vacated the area. A young officer, reportedly named Steler, came across an old woman and a child living in a run-down shack in Longwood. The woman refused to leave the house, as she had grown up in it, and began telling Steler stories about the area. He wasn’t interested until the old woman mentioned treasure buried nearby. She referred to it as ye Olde Stolen Treasure.

According to the old woman, Blackbeard and his pirates had buried his famous lost treasure on a plot of land in Longwood, Florida. Blackbeard wanted to be the master of the sea – and his treasure was a collection of not only gold, coins, jewels, but also included creatures and nautical oddities. After the treasure was lowered into the hole, Blackbeard stabbed one of his crew and tossed the body into the hole. The pirates covered the pit, left with the intent to one day return. But they never did. The old woman insisted that the Longwood’s Olde Stolen Treasure was cursed by Blackbeard to prevent anyone from ever taking it from him.

Steler helped the old woman and the child out of the area, then returned with a friend named Pillfer to look for the treasure that same night As they dug, the tops of the trees began swaying as if in a high wind; the deeper the dug, the higher the wind rose, until the wind became too fierce to work in. Flashes of light began to appear, with greater frequency as the hole grew deeper. Finally there came a long flash, that made the night “bright as noon,” and Steler and Pillfer saw that they were not alone. The dark forms of a crew of pirates stood behind them; telling them all who touched the treasure would be cursed. The pirate promised that the power of Blackbeard himself would be unleashed if the treasure was ever disturbed. Steler and Pillfer dropped their tools and escaped promising never to tell anyone what had happened.

Of course that story is nothing but legend.
Recently a team of treasure hunters (2019) from the Treasure Allocation Group (TAG) discovered the location of the treasure in Longwood and secured permission to excavate and remove the findings under the authority of the United Reclamation of International Treasures (URIT)

Their findings, curse or no curse have now been put on display for a brief showing in Longwood. If you are interested in seeing this once in a lifetime collection of infamous pirate treasure then you are invited to join us at the Longwood Village Inn for Face the Fear 2019 – LOST – Longwood’s Olde Stolen Treasure…will be on display October 25th, 26th, and 27th for three nights only.

You can decide whether or not you think it is cursed!

2019 Dates & Times: October  25, 26 & 27, 8-11pm

Location: The Longwood Village Inn, 300 N Ronald Reagan Blvd in Longwood, (407) 324-0203

More information: http://facethefearhouse.com/

Petrified Forest: Altamonte Springs

Dates:  10/24 – 10/26, 10/31 at 7:30p
Address: 1360 E Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Dark Horizon, Orlando

Dark Horizon

Dark Horizon emerges in Orlando with much anticipation, to feast upon your fears, fray your nerves, and curdle your blood. Escape the clutches of one of Florida’s most infamous serial killers, Bloody Ed Watson. Navigate Captain Killigrew’s ship and her deviously mad crew, and wade past the Vodou Priestess before she has a chance to evoke the otherworldly spirits to possess your body and steal your soul. Hundreds of heinous monsters await to drag you toward the event horizon. Thrill-seekers will revel in 16 nights of terror featuring three gruesome haunted houses, immersive bars, festive fare, death-defying entertainment and more! Brought to you by some of the most celebrated minds in the industry, don’t miss Dark Horizon, the Halloween event of the season. BEWARE: Not for the faint of heart and not recommended for children under 13.



SCREAM-A-GEDDON is Florida’s Premier Horror Park featuring several haunted house attractions. The houses are HUGE, visual marvels, and the actors are top-notch. There is even one house where you can wear a glow necklace if you’re okay with being touched! This event is not for the faint of heart.

Ocoee Haunted House

Ocoee Haunted House

The Parks and Recreation Department will hold it’s 12th annual Haunted House on 5 select nights in October.

Haunted Hollow, DeLand

Haunted Hallow Deland

Select Nights In OctoberHaunted Hollow is an epic haunted house experience. With 11 nights to choose from, our Haunted Hollow offers a Mild Side for younger children and a Wild Side for those that dare to be scared.